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Newly Approved Dominican Maritime Bill

On the 6th of June, Emintco's president Judy Espinal signed a contract with the National Congress through the Deputy Chamber and the Commission in charge to review all pertinent bills regarding the sea.

The contract's purpose was to write and review the new Maritime Code in her capacity as maritime law expert.

Mrs Espinal and our Director Vinicio Mella worked together, with the assistance of E&M International Consulting team and The Tito Mella Foundation. Through the years they tried to persuade all parties concerned in the maritime and logistic industries of the Dominican Republic that the new maritime code was beneficial and necessary.

Last year, Esteban Mejia, a prominent lawyer in our firm was appointed to assist Ms. Espinal in all the meetings celebrated at the Dominican Senate to study and review the project.

After seven (7) years of hard work, the Dominican Senate finally approved the Maritime Commercial Law for the Dominican Republic, (the name was changed) due to the fact that various aspects of the previous maritime code could not be incorporated in the renewal due to differences or criteria between the private and public sector.  

However, we are certain that this new legislation will now cover the most important aspects of the maritime legislation, and we are proud to have participated in this important achievement for our country.

We can't wait for the final approval in the Deputy Chamber and its final ratification by the President of the Dominican Republic.

Congratulations to Judy, Vinicio and Esteban!!!

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